Last Year I Raised $1,125.00

In November of 2008 a week before Thanksgiving my mother and Kimberly’s Grandmother Lorraine experienced severe leg cramps which were determined to be blood clots.. within a few days this otherwise vibrant and healthy women was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Within a week her health and quality of life was forever changed and this woman of grace, faith and compassion went from an active, vivacious self sufficient and loving mother, friend and prayer warrior to being totally bed ridden and moving home to hospice care. All cancers are awful but Pancreatic cancer is particularly nasty and painful… We had only 5 weeks with my mother from the time of diagnosis to her death on January 4 2009. I often questioned her doctors as to how could this have gone undetected – especially when she had a full physical and had complained of some stomach discomfort the previous August just 3 months prior. Our healthcare community doesn’t recommend Pet scans… which would have diagnosed my mother earlier and maybe added time to her too short life. We must find a cure for Pancreatic cancer and better diagnostics and treatment options. No one should suffer from this disease. I walk for my mother and Kimberly runs for her Grandmother and all those impacted by Pancreatic cancer. Please help us  make third  year of participating  a success!

Thank You All For Your Support,

Susan and Kimberly.





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  • Car

    Beautiful tribute to your dear Mother 💗 All my love to you Kimberly Tricia & family 💗

  • Linda Andrejewski

    For you Mother, who left her love and faith to her children and Grand Children….may you know from heaven that we will Never give up the fight! Love you with ALL my heart and soul – thank you for teaching me what Faith is truly all about.

  • Gina M

    This and all the walks honor those who have had some struggle in their lives. Susan, Kimberly, and Tricia, nice job! This is a great tribute to Mrs. Santos.

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