Walking To Find A Cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

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Last Year I Raised $605.00

This is the 10th and final year of the Granara-Skerry Walk/Run for Pancreatic Cancer.  They are hoping to reach their goal of raising a million dollars for Massachusetts General Hospital Pancreatic Cancer Research and they are so close to reaching it.

I have been walking in the Granara-Skerry Pancreatic Walk since 2006.  I have lost two special people in my life to pancreatic cancer,  Edward Smith and  Kathy Granara-Skerry.   Even though I have moved to South Carolina,  I will be walking on Sept. 24th at 10:00 a.m. down here to raise money for the Granara-Skerry Trust back in Massachusetts.

To make it easier for anyone that wants to support me, you can make a donation on this website.    I am hoping that by raising money for pancreatic cancer research to detect early warning signals, maybe we won’t lose our loved ones to such a terrible cancer.

Thank you all for your support all these years.






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  • Mike Smith

    Love you Uncle George

  • George Buzzell

    Mike, Thank you very much. That is very nice of you and it is appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Love you, Dad!!!

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